Foreign National

At My Mortgage, Inc., we provide financing for non U.S. Citizens. Our foreign national loan programs feature low documentation with quick, easy approval. We specialize in providing financing to international borrowers. These loan programs are specially designed for foreign nationals to streamline and expedite the loan process. Our foreign national programs include fixed and adjustable loans for 3, 5, 7, 15, and 30 years.


Sample Required Documentation:

  1. Valid Passport and US Visa
  2. Copy of the last 2 bank statements
  3. Two credit reference letters
  4. Two banking reference letters
  5. For Self-employed: Accountant's letter stating the last 2 years of income.
  6. Employees: Employer’s letter stating the last 2 years of income.
  7. Copy of Corporation or LLC information ( if title will held in corporation)
  8. Copy of the purchase contract -Property types: Condominiums, Single Family Residences, Townhouses, Condo-Hotels, Luxury Condominiums.
  9. * Additional documentation may be required by loan underwriter / investor